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Touch one machine manufacturer describes its main parameters[ 2015/08/08 ]
 1. Display device: 17 ", 19", 19 "wide, 22", 26 "and other original LCD display; 2 Touchscreen: (multi-touch mode can be used
Touch one machine manufacturers to do a brief introduction[ 2015/08/08 ]
 Touch one machine is a touch screen, LCD screen, industrial pc unit (commonly known as the host) and the machine housing the perfect combination, even
Multi-touch one machine is widely used in live events[ 2015/08/08 ]
 Surface wave technology (Surface Light Wave) is a multi-touch technology in the true sense, can achieve 2 points, 10 points, 16 points more than 32 po
Touch one machine manufacturer touch one machine a brief analysis of the application and market[ 2015/08/07 ]
 Touch one machine application and market, what does? As technology advances, more technology elements are also integrated into the teaching, touch one
Touch one touch screen machine manufacturers share application skills[ 2015/03/11 ]
 From the audience and touch one machine to interact with the bridge, we can see, touch screen touch one machine is used throughout the process of the
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