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Talent: First Capital Enterprises and the first resource!

Competition among enterprises is the competition of talent, talent is the first resource, technological progress and the social economic development of the most important resources and the main propulsion. Which enterprises to absorb and brings together the best talent, they achieve a competitive initiative, will remain invincible in the fierce technological and economic competition. To absorb, collection, control large number of talents to prosperity of our business, our managers at all levels should have advanced talent management philosophy.
First, there must be spared the concept of talent.

Talent is a precious asset managers at all levels necessary spare personnel, must not Jixianduneng. Even manager itself is a special talent, if not a few men go-getters outstanding talent and a large number of various types of trunk, a loner is hard and succeed.
Second, there must be desperate ideas.

Both loving heart, recruiters own thirst. From the population perspective, a rare talent. Not only talent, there must be distinguished between, nature is rare. Much talent is engulfed in the vast crowd, which needs to give managers pursued competence.
Third, the key talent cultivation and management.

Talent is the key to our centers and representatives of our soul and backbone. The company regardless of size, regardless of what kind of system structure all are required to have such a group of center staff. In a market economy, competition among enterprises and ultimately will be key talent competition, the quantity and quality of center personnel, the resolution of the company's core competitiveness, the resolution of the company's survival and to carry out.
Fourth, there must be tolerant of talent magnanimous.

It is not easy to use, let it even harder. Personnel director, also will have some short, and often more prominent advantages, its shortcomings are more prominent. Shicai pride is a common problem people. Great was usually sloppy, and often there are contradictions between different and even there it's strange spleen old habit, talent and talent.
Five people have recommended virtues.

Managers should recommend candidates virtues. A job unsuitable talent is not a stable element, even if he complies, showed no mood to stand out, but "do injustice, someone cry." People will blindly or blindly personnel and managers for contrast, lower the prestige of managers.
Sixth, establish a mechanism for personnel training

To have talent is to have a mechanism to nurture talent, Haier, Lenovo, Huawei, Mengniu these top companies are talented people. Why them? It is due to their system? Each company has a system, why other companies do not win? It is due to the excellent guidance before they doing? A guide to those who have a lot of work, can be used several times to nurture talent, but also cultivate a few people? In fact, these outstanding instructors there were not invented an excellent business environment, create a healthy business climate, the environment and atmosphere gave birth to business people.
Seven people have to identify the eye.

If managers do not discerning, of course, in the eyes of talent will be missed. Identification will be required to look at the substance. To observe what the police lines, especially the current, which is the basic way to identify real talent. To be good at to identify different types of talents. People have their own talent, talent is only the size of the points, the other direction.
Eight, in order to have control personnel.

If the manager is good at managing people, it will be more effective guidance effectiveness. Managers of competence is not necessarily everything stronger than others, but he must have superior talent employment.
Nine, maintenance personnel must have courage.

Retaining only the soul, both managers of "only just", is the manager of the "virtuous." Managers should not only avoid "Bangsha" talent, but also to avoid the "flattery" talent. No one is perfect, even if people will make mistakes at work inevitably there will be mistakes, especially in the open inquiry process.
Ten, that is the wealth of talent

Every employee is a treasure. As long as managers realize that employees are the treasure first, then it may be from a development perspective on staff. As is often the situation, it is not going to develop garbage heap. What a way to develop "people" this treasure it? Able to manage people through the system, it is possible to use the authority to put pressure on people, but each manager have to consider is how to make material into talent, talent into wealth.

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